Living Our Values

LDCSS prides itself on being collaborative, trustworthy, accountable and ethical while providing services with social responsibility in mind.  Our values guide all of our decisions and actions in meeting the social needs of our community.

Here is how LDCSS lives these values every day:


We show that LDCSS is collaborative by participatory decision-making, and by building and maintaining effective partnerships among our programs and with families, other community agencies, funders, regulatory bodies and unions.The agency values the opportunity to work with others, externally and within, to use limited resources effectively. 



We value honesty, integrity and respect, providing a safe environment for our clients. LDCSS reports openly and honestly on our activities and financial status.  We demonstrate respect by listening and responding to our clients, their families, and our colleagues.  We treat others as we would wish to be treated, valuing the cultural diversity and life experiences of our employees, clients, Board and community. LDCSS’s new location provides a safe and healthy environment for our staff and clients.  It is wheel chair accessible and located close to many amenities’ that are important to both staff and the clients we serve such as recreational areas.



We stand by our commitments and meet our responsibilities.  We deliver services in compliance with guidelines, standards and applicable legislation, and we work quickly, efficiently and effectively to resolve any service concerns.  We carry out our Board’s and organization’s mandate by ensuring that LDCSS meets the highest standards of quality, service, fiscal responsibility and good stewardship. We take responsibility for the outcomes of our actions.


As an ethical organization, we act within professional codes and standards, mindful of the vulnerability of our clients.  LDCSS employs fair hiring practices; provides equal opportunity to all of our skilled and valued employees; strives to meet individual client needs; manages resources prudently and complies with professional standards and stakeholders’ expectations.

Social Responsibility

LDCSS demonstrates a strong sense of social responsibility in the way we are about our clients; by being  understanding, non-judgmental and empathetic.