Community Youth Justice, Community Service – Youth at Risk

This program assists young offenders to be accountable for completion of Community Work Service as well as to the conditions of their court orders.

Our Clinicians participate in case planning, case conferencing and liaison with other agencies in conjunction with the supervising Youth Probation Officer.

LDCSS’s clinicians assist in implementing the Youth Probation Officer’s case plans for the youths who are under court orders or alternative measures agreements.

They also assist the Youth Probation Officer by appraising current community issues that may affect the provision of these services in the Burns Lake area.

The program works to arrange for Community Work Service to be performed in the community for individuals or groups that are in need of extra services.  Such

services would normally be provided by volunteers.  Such work or service will assist, benefit, improve, or enhance the quality of life for community members.

LDCSS’s Clinicians assist in monitoring specific conditions of probation orders, bail order and alternative measures agreements by providing on-site information / perspective from the community to the Youth Probation Officer.


The purpose of this program:

  1. To protect society by providing appropriate support and supervision.
  2. To facilitate rehabilitation by providing youth the best possible opportunities for healthy growth and pro-social development through a youth focused integrated case management process.
  3. Demonstrate law-abiding behaviour
  4. Reduce risk of re-offending



Young offenders, ages 12-17, who are in conflict with the law and are required to complete community work service as part of their court ordered conditions.



Referrals are provided by Youth Probation only.



For further information on this program;

LDCSS Contact Info:

Phone: 250 692 7577

Fax: 250 692 3935

Mail: PO Box 970, Burns Lake, BC    VOJ IEO


This service is funded by the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD)