Child & Youth with Special Needs


This Child and Youth care program focuses on skill development for referred children and youth supplemented with support services to their families. The program provides goal-oriented, outcome focused services to eligible children, youth and their families. Interventions are specific to identified children and youth and relevant to their individual needs.

The intent is to provide direct assistance in skill development that improves the child or youth’s development, supports their participation in community life and assists in building the capacity of families to manage their particular circumstances.

Services are structured to achieve goals and to further the child’s independence and may include the following areas of development:

  • social skills interaction with others, community participation, appropriate social behaviors;
  • life skills developmental needs i.e. Hygiene, self-care, safety, effective communication of wants and needs;
  • recreation – physical development, participation skills, community integration;
  • independence & transitioncooking, nutrition, money skills, accessing transportation responding to an emergent situation;
  • support to familiestechniques and skills to manage their special needs children on a day-to-day basis and support the child or youth’s skill development and growth.


Eligible children and youth up to 18 years of age who require significant educational, medical / health and social / environmental support in order to enhance or improve their health, development, learning, quality of life, participation and community inclusion.

“Eligible children” means those children or youth who:

a)     are eligible for Autism Programs

b)     are eligible for the At Home Program; or

c)     have a developmental disability


All referrals for service will be initiated by a Ministry of Children & Family Development Social Worker. LDCSS, referring social worker and family will meet to establish a plan for delivering the service

If you have a child that could benefit from this service please contact LDCSS by telephone, in-person, facsimile or mail.

LDCSS Contact Info:

Phone: 250 692 7577

Fax: 250 692 3935

Mail:  PO Box 970, Burns Lake, BC   VOJ IEO


This service is funded by the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD)