Become a Member

LDCSS invites those individuals who support the vision, mission and values of the agency to join us as members.

Members are entitled to attend meetings, hear reports, receive the annual financial statements, and vote. Membership shall consist of any individual who identifies with the objects of the Society, resides within the Lakes District and is at least eighteen (18) years of age.

As a member of the Board, Directors are responsible for consistent achievement of the agency’s mission and organization objectives. Some of the core responsibilities will include: policy formulation, decision-making, and oversight. The agency is looking for individuals who demonstrate strong leadership skills, resourcefulness, creativity and commitment.

Members will have the ability to:

  • devote sufficient time and energy to the performance of duties
  • possess a willingness to assume the responsibility associated with being a director
  • demonstrate integrity, high ethical standards and respect for privacy and confidentiality
  • understand our community and its needs
  • hold a passion for our cause

Members are required to fulfill the following responsibilities;

  • Terms – One (1) year term with option to be elected for a 2nd term
  • Meetings – attend and participate in a minimum of 10 – 1.5 hour board meetings yearly
  • Meetings – attend and participate in the strategic planning session(s) or any Special Meetings
  • Provide leadership, wisdom, and creativity for the formulation of policy, progress, and practices that contribute to the agency’s goal to deliver quality services that focus on individual, family and community needs.

If you wish to be considered as a candidate, or require additional information, please contact:

Kelly Turford, Executive Director at (250) 692-7577